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"My first time trying PeaceCheese was in an "alfredo" like sauce over pasta.  I doubted I would like it as I am neither vegetarian nor vegan but I was willing to try!  It was DELICIOUS and GOOD FOR ME TOO! I have since tasted some other varieties of "cheese' with crackers and it is So-o-o good.  It is delicious and healthy for you, a winning combination!" Jane Mulford - Hanover, MA


"When I first heard that it was non-dairy cheese, I wondered if it would be tasteless. But I am happy to say that it is very flavourful and great for introducing kids to cheese...especially if they are lactose-intolerant." June Unland - Singapore & Chiang Mai, Thailand


"I love PeaceCheese! Reenie is a magician, and you will see what I mean when you try for the first time. PeaceCheese is the best cheese alternative I've ever had, and comes in so many fresh and delicious flavors. I can't wait to have more!" Michael Friedman - San Francisco, CA


"PeaceCheese is magic.  I am not vegan, or even vegetarian, however I would pick PeaceCheese over dairy cheese simply because it is delicious.  I was eating it in a mouthwatering, savory sauce with mushrooms over pasta and it was to die for... I can't wait to have more!  It's an added bonus that I can feel guilt free because I know I'm eating something healthy and even better that I can maintain my girlish figure.  PeaceCheese rocks my world." Susannah Bella - Los Angeles, CA


"PeaceCheese is absolutely delicious!! You can feel all of the love and nutritiousness that's in it when you taste it. It's versatile enough to add to different dishes, but also really flavorful on its own. I highly recommend PeaceCheese as a cheese alternative, and also as a healthy food to add to your diet. Good for the body, good for the planet and good for the soul!" Lisa Offringa - San Francisco, CA


"I knew Reenie and PeaceCheese when they both were in Chiang Mai. I loved it. I love cheese and Reenie's recipes were yummy. I am not a vegan, but PeaceCheese was definitely one of my favorites. But most importantly what made them extra special was that Reenie made them herself and worked her magic with love and care. One favorite - cashew flavored :). I miss them both here in Chiang Mai. So, definitely try PeaceCheese." Tina Rai - Nepal & Chiang Mai, Thailand


"Delicioso, Delicieux, Delicious can't get enough PeaceCheese. It is made with so much love and is so good for you. You got to try it! Who said cheese should be made just with dairy." Guillaume Vincent - Austin, TX and Paris, France


"This is by far the best vegan cheese I have ever had! It's completely unlike any other vegan cheese, and you can really taste the love and magic it's made with!" Aerray Cedar Lumm - Northern California


"When Zoe in Yellow opened its doors in Chaing Mai, Thailand the brilliance of the yellow walls did not outshine the smile and radiance of the patroness, Reenie Vincent. I think there is not a person who has encountered this woman who is not enchanted by her. Her positive energy is present in everything, including the vegan cheese which she lovingly created and named PeaceCheese. It is a rare and beautiful thing to find a new and interesting food to sample and the menu of PeaceCheese selections at Zoe in Yellow was always tantalizing. I always marveled at the flavor and consistency of the cheese sans dairy products. Reenie often stole a few of us back into the Zoe in Yellow kitchen to show us a bit of her handiwork, but, when it comes down to it, I think there is some magic in those beautiful hands of hers which transfers a bit of her abundant love into each creation." Mindy Visser - U.S. & Afghanistan


"I still remember the taste of the PeaceCheese. I don t like to eat vegetables that much, but PeaceCheese tastes different. I still remember I used to eat it together with Naan bread, tasty, healthy and yummy." Faris Pitsuwan - Koh Lanta, Thailand


"I have a long history with PeaceCheese, was one of the taste testers back when it was a baby in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Absolutely love it, every variety! I wasn't a veggie back then but am now and would give just about anything to have it back in Chiang Mai. Guess I'll just have to swing by San Diego next time I'm back home in the states. Reenie is amazing and I want to see PeaceCheese in every grocery store across the country! Miss my Capered Cream Cheese!" Amy Grafstrom - U.S. & Chiang Mai, Thailand


"My first experience with PeaceCheese was at Zoe in Yellow on a hot and sultry southeast Asian monsoon evening. The air was thick, the yummy cocktails were fresh squeezed, and the vibrations were relaxed. With all her enchanting magnanimity, Reenie brought out a simple and elegantly plated treat of Cashew Glow, Pistachio Cheese, and fresh baked bread to indulge in. The Pistachio was delightfully nutty and robust and complimented wines well, while the Cashew was a delicious spread perfect for sandwiches, hor d'voures, or snacking. My first bite certainly led to many more and the stories of homemade organic vegan cheeses have spread globally since. How lucky we are to have such divinely healthy and decadent experiences with food!" Paula Morzenti - Philadelphia, PA


"I knew a beautiful woman in Chinag Mai, who liked stones and did the best "PeaceCheese" in the world ... and even without speaking the language, I could love her and admire her forever! Brazilian kisses for you Reenie!" Simoni Padoin - Florianoplis, Brazil


"I tried PeaceCheese in Chiang Mai, Thailand, while it was debuting at Zoe in Yellow. I remember not only my favorite, the Cashew Glow, but also all the love that went into making the cheese. I remember sitting in the kitchen with Reenie while she sampled her delicious goodies to us. All of the cheeses are FABULOUS!" Collin Ferguson - New Orleans, LA


"PeaceCheese is magic! I was there in Reenie's kitchen when it all began, sitting on a counter top munching on the newest invention. PeaceCheese is definitely not conventional cheese but it's so much more! It's yummy and healthy and it's made 100% with love. Good luck Reenie! Lots of love! xoxox" Charlotte Blumenthal Pibulsawad - Sweden & Chiang Mai, Thailand


"I ate these cheeses on several occasions - and after that I never came across anything like it! And believe me - I come from the place where cheese is abundant!" Nikola Lucic - Serbia & Chiang Mai, Thailand


"All I can say is I LOVE PeaceCheese! My first time having PeaceCheese was about three years ago and I couldn't get enough! Reenie spoiled me and made me three flavors and all of them were absolutely delicious. I have never eaten cow cheese in my life (or eggs) so the fact that I was willing to try PeaceCheese was big because I am mental and the word cheese is in it.  It is so yummy and delicious; before I knew I had eaten the whole block with just some crackers. I mainly ate PeaceCheese as a dip or spread because I just loved it straight until the other night...  I was at the grocery store and my husband asked me to pick something up for dinner and I never usually cook. I grabbed some chipotle veggie burgers, which when I got home seemed boring and dry. So I thought I never cook and I need to impress my husband how am I going to get this meat lover to just stomach this veggie burger. So I cooked the chipotle veggie burger, sliced avocado, red onion, sprouts and veganese... Still boring... Looked in the frig and saw I had some jalapeño PeaceCheese and slathered it on. It was DELICIOUS!!! I loved it and my meat eating husband asked for another! It was sooooo tasty and made my boring dinner magical. Thank you PeaceCheese for being so delicious and nutritious. I just feel so good when when I eat it:)" Katie Beskin - San Diego, CA


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