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Happy to hear it! PeaceCheese is a small company with a powerful vision. The specialty food market is growing and the vegan cheese and cheese alternative market is a particularly exciting niche to be in. We feel PeaceCheese is a fun, fresh and delicious addition to this already cutting-edge market.



While PeaceCheese is a vegan cheese and cheese alternative, it truly is in a category of its own. PeaceCheese is not quite like traditional dairy cheese, and incomparable to any vegan cheese or cheese alternative currently on the market. Still, it is 100% plant-based, dairy free, lactose-free and vegan; with slice-ability, shred-ability, spread-ability and sauce-ability.


What makes PeaceCheese so different?


PeaceCheese is a product that people choose not only as an alternative to dairy cheese and other vegan cheese alternatives, but because they love its fresh and unique taste, texture and plant-based health benefits.


Other vegan cheese and cheese alternative products are largely made up of vegetable starches, oils and flavorings combined to mimic traditional dairy cheeses like cheddar and mozzarella. PeaceCheese ingredients are all 100% plant-based foods like nuts, seeds, vegetables, herbs and spices simply yet playfully combined to create unique tastes and textures that surprise, delight and gratify vegans, vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.


Retail sales of specialty food products - cheese and cheese alternatives in particular -  continue to escalate and 2013 was no exception. In fact, cheese and cheese alternatives was the largest specialty food category in 2013.


Below are some promising highlights of data collected by Mintel International,  SPINS, the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade and Specialty Food  Magazine.


  • Cheese and Cheese Alternatives continue to be the largest specialty food category in 2014, at $3.71 billion retail sales, occupying 7.2% of the retail  market.


  • Total sales of specialty foods in 2014 were $109.60 billion, up 21.8% from 2012.


  • Specialty foods represent 13.7 percent of all food sales at retail.


  • 48 percent of specialty food manufacturers report more than a 20% increase in sales in 2014.


  • The average transaction size for specialty food stores was $41.49 in 2011, up 11.4 percent over 2010.


  • Three-quarters of retailers say that Local is the most influential product claim today and two-thirds report the claim will grow the most in the next three years.

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