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PeaceCheese BLESSING

Ours is a generation conscious of the interconnection of our people and Mother Earth. Her wondrous creatures, the breathtaking land and seas and skies they inhabit, all remind us of her greatness and beauty.


We are thankful for her abundance of natural resources, which nourish us with life and living. We grow together in harmony and respect, caring for each other and Mother Earth as one whole family; each of us unique and celebrated in our own splendid way, paving our own blessed purpose and path.


With love and reverence we honor our Earth. We honor her diversity, her marvelous vision and her life-sustaining gifts. We honor her land, it's livelihood and the livelihood of all her beautiful creatures, great and small.


With this PeaceCheese blessing, we give thanks for the joy and freedom that is and always has been our shared birthright.


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